Saturday, July 18, 2009

Assailant Analysis: Devs & Podcasting

Podcasts are generally known to much of the world as a way generally unknown people (like us) can get noticed, but recently I've seen a trend in the podcasting scene. More and more devs are getting their own podcasts to communicate with their userbase. At this moment, I am subscribing to the Bungie Studios Podcast, The EA Podcast, The Kojima Productions Report, Major Nelson Radio and Zune Insider. Some are newer than others, for example the EA Podcast launched just 4 weeks ago.

These podcasts usually include one or two Project managers from the company, and maybe a couple programmers. What these podcasts do is let people on the outside see what it's like on the inside of the company. Case in point: Yesterday I was listening to the EA Podcast and they were talking about lunch menus, umbrellas and bikes on the EA Redwood Shores campus. Of course no one is going to drop bombshells as those are always reserved for gaming press in terms of scoops, except for the case in the Zune Insider podcast, where if they're allowed Matt Akers or the others may drop some info, but it never seems enough.

These podcasts can seem to be expensive. You have to get recording equipment, host the podcast on a server, and knowing these large companies, the podcasts are probably produced with the most expensive and professional equipment. However, it does sort of become a method of advertisement. Just the other day I was listening to the EA Podcast and they were talking about Dead Space: Extraction and the way they talked about it sold me on getting the game when it comes out.

With these podcasts it doesn't even seem like they're forced to only talk about their own company. On Major Nelson Radio I've heard e talk about taking his iPhone and Zune with him whne traveling, and I've heard EA's podcast make mentions to competitors products, such as the Resident Evil series. I've even heard Major Nelson saying he loved the Apple II and Steve Wozniak is his hero or something (by the way, Seteve Wozniak loves Bing).

Overall the use of podcasting for devs could become even more widespread. One day we could see something out of Nintendo of America called the Reggiecast, or maybe something out of SONY called the Giant Enemy PodCrab. So long as they are laid back and enjoyable, I'm sure I among others would be glad to listen.

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