Monday, July 27, 2009

Hear Mii Live Streams

Hello everyone. Today marks the day of the first Live Stream with Assie. Live Streams will happen throughout the Summer and may continue into the Winter. The current Official Hear Mii Live Streams are as follows:

Live Streams With TheAssailant6661 & Co.
Mondays 11am - 1pm Eastern Currently on Hiatus

This page will also serve as a portal for all future Live Streams as it will be linked to in the Links bar. ;)


Unknown said...

vague post is vague.

and no, I am not "watching to find out more about the details" if that's what you're thinking. I won't be home at the time you've specified.

also, how about actually establishing a larger community before you go on with your egocentered ideas?

Unknown said...

Okay bob, the point of live streaming is to attract more viewers to Hear Mii, and Live FTW. I find that live streaming is a great way to acquire new viewers, because that is what everyone is doing nowadays. Also with being a popular website, you do the math.

Popular Service+Unpopular Blog=

And no the answer is not Fish.

TheAssailant said...

Thank you Marley for that well written response.

As you can see bob, this is not about me. I'm going out of my way to try and get more people coming to the site (notice how the site is both on the Banner and IN the stream).

What more details do you need to know other than live streams of video games?