HearMii is devoted to providing the latest news and original entertainment while maintaining console impartiality.

HearMii is the name of a podcast and website that came about at different times. Originally, "Hear Mii" was the name of the revived podcast for the Wii news site Wii.tv (2006-2008). Once the owner of Wii.tv decided to close the site down for good in order to join larger video game news sites, the remaining staff, cut off from the website, pondered upon what it was that they could do with Hear Mii.

Founders Joaquin, Storm, Tim and Piffman2 agreed on a new website as the successor to Wii.tv, named after the podcast. Shortly after, Joaquin stepped down as the Director of Hear Mii and handed off that position to newcomer TheAssailant.

Hear Mii as a site grew, but when interest in the Wii began to wane, so did the number of visitors. In 2010, the site revised its name slightly to "HearMii" and refocused itself to bring news and original content from all major consoles and the PC.

The first podcast episode was released on January 20, 2008 and is regarded as the "birth" and founding date of HearMii. The website was first created in the Summer of 2008, sometime in mid-July.

The current HearMii staff is as follows:

Content Director:

Managing Editor:
Jordan "Piffman2"

Marley "Pigeongamer"

Joaquin "cal619guy"