Friday, January 02, 2009

Wiinewd's Interview with Eric Nofsinger

Wiinewd, who is a fan of the podcast and a regular forum member has allowed Hear Mii to post his interview with Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer for the upcoming Wii game, The Conduit. Thanks wiinewd!

EDIT: For those who think this is fake, please watch this video and go to 4:21 to see Wiinewd and Piffman2 talking to Eric Nofsinger.

Q: How much work is left to be done with art direction?
A: Not much. We're just about done.

Q: Is getting the bodies to stay on screen and not dissapear after being killed a concern your working on fixing?
A: Yes, most definently. We will have tons of different death animations depending on how the enemy was killed and with what weapon.

Q:When is the next Developer's Diary coming?
A: We will see. It's not really that hard to do.

Q:Will there be a Collectors Edition or perks for reserving the game?
A: We're thinking about some. Details are still being ironed out.

Q: Is this an M rated or Teen rated game?
A: We're shooting for Teen but if it gets an M then oh well!

Q: What do you have in mind in conjuction with the publisher to hype the game, for example gaming tours, billboards, commercials, gamestop kiosk demo's, etc?
A: Those are exactly what we had in mind.

Q:Will you be implementing tons of scripted events in the environment to make the single player experience more cinematic?
A: There are some scripted events for sure but we're more focused on the core gameplay! So far its starting to feel like an action movie (chuckles)

Q:Will there be ragdoll?
A: No! We fell it's more satisfying to give everything different death animations.

Q:Sound is very important to me, so I want to know what are you doing special with the sound design? How will you make up for the lack of digital audio on Wii?
A: Well, like the visuals, we're going to out do every game on the platform in terms of audio. Also, it will be at the highest possible quality.

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