Friday, June 26, 2009

DSi Virtual Handheld- The Others

If the Virtual Console can have games from non-Nintendo platforms, why not the Virtual handheld. The Gameboy was so succesful that no one could blame you for not even touching another portable system but they did have their gems that a virtual handheld could allow you to discover. Besides, Nintendo already has relationships with these third-parties. I’m sure they would love some free money.

NeoGeo Pocket Color- Metal Slug

SNK’s Contra-ish shooter has already appeared on the Virtual Console and in a full anthology for the Wii. Bringing over its pocket counterpart makes perfect sense. Other games on the system worth porting include King of Fighters, SNK Card Fighters and Samurai Shodown.

Sega Game Gear- Sonic 2

Sega Game Gear’s are essentially handheld Sega Master Systems. With Master System games already on the Virtual Console how hard could it be to convince Sega to put Game Gear Games on the Virtual Handheld. In a perfect world we could transfer our games between the two services but we’ll just have to settle for re-buying bad 8-bit Sonic games or good Shining Force spin-offs.

Game and Watch

Not a third-party system but still not a Gameboy either. While Nintendo could just put the excellent Game and Watch Galleries for Gameboy on the Virtual Handheld, they should bring it all the way back and emulate their original dual-screen system on the DSi. Of course, in order to justify the price, ten dollars better get you like every Game and Watch game ever made.

And that’s it for Hear Mii’s Virtual Handheld week. There are so many other games I could’ve mentioned like Tetris, Final Fantasy, Shantae, Donkey Kong 94 and Castlevania. This idea has so much potential Nintendo would be stupid not to do it. So I say there is a 50/50 chance of them doing it. Oh well, there’s always piracy.

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bob said...

every NES remake on the GBA (or were they on GBC?...), every Super Mario Advance game ever, Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid Fusion (did you list that one? I can't even remember.), Rhythm Tengoku (the original that was never released outside of Japan that is hard as balls to find online)... I'm a retrotart, you know.

oh, and the Donkey Kong Country games. (I got the third game a few years ago by my cousins and am still playing it. it's that fucking good.)