Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hear Mii Episode 55

~Download Hear Mii Episode 55 - 2:16:37~

(Re-mastered and uncut)

What we thought would be a quick, 30 minute interview, turned into an hour long epic adventure featuring the developers of Super Meat Boy, Team Meat.

On This Week's Episode:
Marley Silverbrand (a.k.a. Lex Grossman),
Piffman2, &
Edmund & Tommy, from Team Meat (Visit Their Website!)


Wishes to remain Unknown said...

Prince was decent, It changed the story so it was it's own thing.

Sand of time was based on the sands of time game AKA PG-13 movie to Teen rated game

forgotten sands is between Sands of time and Warrior within and explains how Prince went from alright pervert to emo douche

and Prince of Perisa grossed 312 million WORLDWIDE in total and budget was 200 million so it made 112 million bucks in profit

Prince of Peria Sand of time(the movie) was written by Jordon Mechner with the help of other people, Jordon is the man who made the original need to do your research

Wishes to remain Unknown said...

@the meat team

you forgot that Sony isn't always looking at all the entries they get

TheAssailant said...


In the defense of Team Meat, one would assume that Sony, one who bases its entire console business on software sales as it loses money on hardware and must make it up in software, would at least get around to playing a build of Super Meat Boy they were sent months prior to Microsoft making the deal official with Team Meat.

Wishes to remain Unknown said...

Sony has reported that they're officially making profit on their consoles now earlier this month, and were only losing 33 bucks per console a year ago when they last reported, this didn't include profit from controllers(each 50 dollar) or first party titles. So that excuse that they were leaking money and need to make sure the software is there, doesn't work. It's called possible error,or oversight, or just general disinterest among the people who DID look over the build that they didn't show it to their superiors thinking it wouldn't be approved. Team meat saying "Oh Sony just in general was disinterested in it so until they saw it running on 360" makes it seem like Sony is only trying to jump on it knowing Microsoft's got it, though not directly said it's heavily implied without much though to any other examples state above.

If something happened like that where say Housemarque(the guys behind Super Stardust HD)made a game and handed it to Nintendo but they never got back to them so on a Playstation centered podcast you listen to they say the same thing "well we sent a DS/3DS build copy to nintendo but they seemed disinterested until they saw it running on psp" you'd probably try to point out the same things I just did

piffman2 said...

I did try to mention Jordan mechner involvement with the movie but my crappy connection must've prevented it from being heard

TheAssailant said...


I remember hearing something about it when I was editing but I could barely understand what you said. I doubt Isaiah heard it.