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TheAssailant6661 Reviews: Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge is a First Person Platforming game for 360 and PC. It is developed by EA DICE, the same creators of the Battlefield series of games. The game bases its gameplay off of Parkour (Pronounced Park-or), which is a form of discipline of moving from one place to another as quickly and efficiently as possible. The game takes place in a dystopian city where the totalitarian government monitors all information which forces people to use runners to deliver information from rooftop to rooftop.

You play as Faith, a female runner. You begin with a simple delivery after being out of commission for a while. On the way to deliver, you come across the Police who usually don't bother with Runners but decide to make a special case for Faith. As the story progresses, Faith's sister ends up being framed for their father's death. Faith must then set out to uncover the truth, which she does by the end of the game.

Playing Mirror's Edge is like one of those "Easy to play, hard to master" set ups, although the difficulty bar is set slightly higher than usual. I found myself easily controlling Faith as she jumps around from rooftop to rooftop with the good ol' keyboard and mouse. I did find myself remapping the 180 button to Mouse 3 as Q is just slightly out of reach for me, but you will get frustrated when you can't get your timing down and you keep dying. At times like these I found it best to throw my mouse around and scream into a pillow.

Mirror's Edge is not based on combat. You can disarm Police and Militia and take their guns, but you can't actually holster the weapon and keep running. You have to discard it. That doesn't mean there aren't parts with combat, but if you buy Mirror's Edge thinking it's a First Person Shooter you'll be quite disappointed.

The game does have an Online Component, but it's simply just Time Trials and Ghost Challenges. A fantasy I have with this game is if they could've possibly added a sort of Tag game using Parkour, but I could see how the game could be limited in such a way that makes this impossible. The game does however have DLC for all the supported platforms (as of writing both 360 and PC, along with PS3). Also, although the PC version isn't Games For Windows at all, I still recommend it as it comes with the Mirror's Edge Remix CD for a price of $50 new. The CD has remixes from famous techno artists such as Benny Benassi, Paul van Dyk, and more.

Overall, the game is extremely satisfying and fun to play, by yourself or even with people to laugh at your miserable fail. If you're looking for a Platformer that breaks away from tradition, this is your game. If you're just looking for a First Person Shooter, don't expect this to satisfy that need.


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