Thursday, June 25, 2009

Assie's "The Conduit" First Impressions

The following are my first impressions I had with the game:

The opening of the game was pretty cool with the company logos of HVS and SEGA.

At the menu screen, I really liked the music. It was a really cool, kinda hip-hop-ish and totally awesome.

Controls are great. They feel really comfortable as I can aim and turn the camera with the IR. I setup the controls to be more of my liking, similar to the controls of RedSteel and Medal of Honor: Vanguard. They can even be customized so that the control stick turns the camera.

The story is good, especially for a FPS. Starts out with a flashforward to around the middle of the game and then it really starts from the beginning. I really liked it, it was almost like Agent Smith meets National Treasure in that it's got surprises and plenty of conspiracies. The ending was a bit disappointing, but it ends in a way that you KNOW there's gonna be a sequel.

The sound effects for weapons aren't exactly too great. Alien weapons sound good, but human weapons like the Shotgun and SCAR sound like they're a bit muffled.

The game even has achievements for completing missions, killing a certain number of a certain type of enemy and ones for killing a certain amount of enemies with a certain weapon. Gonna play through it with the cheat that causes 1 hit kills in order to rack up those achievements none of you will be able to see. :/

Overall, the game is great. I really enjoyed it. Haven't tried Multiplayer yet though, but plan to soon.


bob said...

parts of this looks like first impressions, but other parts seem contrary to that. also, it's obviously put together with the least amount of effort needed.

Marley said...

I think you should have created a video of your first impressions.