Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hear Mii Episode 28

~ Download Hear Mii Episode 28 - 2:00:56 ~

Mr. Joost van Dongen (pronounced Yost van doongen)of Ronimo Games was kind enough to give us a pretty lengthy interview, which has resulted in the site's longest episode ever, dethroning the previous longest episode, Episode 20 w/ Egoraptor (to the best of my memory).

On the podcast this week:
Mr. Tim &
Mr. Joost van Dongen of Ronimo Games

Swords & Soldiers Wikipedia:
Swords & Soldiers Instructional Video:
Original de Blob PC Download:
Ronimo Games Official Site:
Super Moine- The inspiration of Swords and Soldiers


Anonymous said...

The down load is unavailable, i keep getting a alert.
out of bandwidth.

fix it!

Anonymous said...

just go to itunes

Anonymous said...

ha, ok

Anonymous said...

OMG Epiphany

on the logo

axe- vikings
blow dart- aztecs

throwign star- Ninjas? 3rd faction revealed?

Anonymous said...

dude, i'm listening to the podcast right now.
"chair scoot."
total awesome HA

snowballs- eskimos

Anonymous said...

Joost van Dongen sounds like Tiesto! O_O

Blah said...

We totally got linked

TheAssailant said...

We've also been linked by GoNintendo and a bunch of other sites. Also, I've added the reference to the Ronimo Games wiki page.