Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Piffman2 Reviews- Quantum of Solace


Not a WiiWare game!
Too busy writing a book to write a written review
Sorry for the watermark
Guitar Hero music studio is too damn complicated to make the Hear Mii theme


Unknown said...

short and simple, but it's very noticable that you're in a hurry and it's STILL better than Assie's stuff.

007 out of 10 for this review.

yes I went there.

TheAssailant said...

Shut up bob, my last review was in July, and I wasn't thinking much then. That review doesn't even exist anymore.

Wow, QoS the game looks like crap. Looks shittier than Medal of Honor Vanguard.

Yes, I went there.

Anonymous said...

I like the game. Some parts look good other parts not so much. I think that I must have the good copy of the game because I only noticed the frame down a couple of times. One time really bad but since that part everything as been smooth to me. Weird thing I like the single player better than the single player in CoD:WoW. Of course I like CoD online better than QoS.