Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Piff's What Ifs? 3- The Nintendo Zapper Collection

Piff’s What If’s Episode 3- The Nintendo Zapper Collection

What has been two days? Several months since I did one of these? Whatevs. Nintendo has a bad habit of releasing intriguing peripherals along with solid albeit tech-demoesque games and then proceeding to do absolutely nothing with said peripheral. Such a fate seems inevitable for the year-old Wii Zapper but that can’t stop us from wondering what might have been.

This idea was actually inspired by the Zapper’s pack-in game, Link’s Crossbow Training. With that, Nintendo took a franchise one wouldn’t associate with a gun shaped controller and turned it into fun, quirky spin-off well worth the twenty purchase along with the Zapper. Imagine now if Nintendo were to do such a thing with some more of their franchise and creating a (minigame) collection composed of them for full price. This idea definitely has some potential.

Mario Sunshine- Using the analog stick to move and the Zapper to aim F.L.U.D.D. players could take an action packed tour through Delfino zapping sludge clean along the way. Many games in this collection, like Link’s Crossbow Training, could feature on-rails and free roaming missions.

Luigi’s Mansion- use the zapper to aim your Poultergust and suck up ghosts. It practically makes itself.

Metroid- use the gun-like device to control your on-screen gun like device and shoot at aliens. Hardcore acquired.

Donkey Kong- his coconut gun can fire and spurt, if he shoots ya it’s gonna hurt.

WarioWare Zapped- a collection of frantic pointer based minigames using the nunchuk’s capabilities as well.

Wii Zap- Fun for the expanded market. Note that zap does not equal shoot in anyway

Sin and Punishment- Starfox on foot but we really don’t need this one anymore what with 2 coming out…

Zapper Classics- Duck Hunt and Hogan’s alley with pointer controls might as well be thrown in their too.

The list goes on…

While some of these concepts might actually work as full games, the least Nintendo could do is give us a taste of what they could be like. The Zapper has sold over two million units, let’s not give all of those people buyer’s remorse.


bob said...

Sin and Punishment is easily one of the best games on the N64 and I have previously asked myself why S&P Wii doesn't seem to have any Wii Zapper support. I mean, it's not like you won't be able to use the Wii Zapper with S&P Wii, but it's not being advertised as if it is compatible with it.

Stan said...

good point bob.

Warioware is a great idea. That series is always using a new concepts as we saw with Twisted, Wii, now the DSi. Are they making one with balnce board support as well? If so, they should throw zapper support on that to.

this one is good,