Saturday, April 18, 2009

ido does: A What-if : Super Paper Crossover

Paper Mario was the first RPG I ever played. The best part was that i didn't even realize it was an RPG! I think that's part of the magic the Mario RPGs bring, they're so unique and genre bending.

Which brings me to the point of this What if..

We all loved the idea of The Subspace Emissary. It's execution, however, was less than stellar. There story was easy to comprehend, but it could have been so much more. I think it's time for a crazy crossover RPG using the Paper Mario series as a template.

Super Paper Mario Pissed me off in that it had a novel idea, but it went nowhere with it. The guys at intelligent systems need to focus on their strong suit: innovative RPGs, and let Nintendo focus on their strong suit: innovative platformers.

Naturally, i want this Paper Mario crossover game to be an RPG. The gameplay can use the already in place mechanics of Paper Mario.

It'll be the penultimate piece of Nintendo fanservice. Imagine Mario Walking into a an Inn finding a drooling, humpbacked guy in a corner that says: "I am Error"

As for story, perhaps Bowser meets King Dedede. Obviously Bowser's cockiness from the previous Paper Mario games kick in, and he plans to trick Dedede into forming an alliance so he can take over the fountain of dreams. He enlists the help of Ganondorf and a bunch of other Nintendo Villians. King Dedede could be the butt of most jokes, and the other villians could be unaware of Ganon's plot to fuck them over in the end.

Mario, mean while could be in his bathroom, taking a shower, when all of a sudden, Ness falls through his ceiling. Mario and Ness journey on a trip to various Nintendo themed worlds, fighting Nintendo themed enemies.

I also want to see Francis from Super Paper Mario to return. I would imagine Nintendo using that character to take a shot toward "hardcore gamers"

A pretty short what if, but this idea just sprung in my head randomly today, and i HAD to write it down. Sorry i couldn't find a pun-tastic name for this though...


Piffman2 said...

dude you are right, Nintendo needs to take the Smash Bros idea of bringing their characters together and bring it into another genre

TheAssailant6661 said...

Actually ido, you thought of it, told me, and then I said make it a What-IF and then you were like yeah, I will.

Stan said...

why does the little boy fall into the grown plumber's shower? kinda, not cool right there...

but the rest is cool. but there needs to be a pokemon center in every town.