Monday, September 01, 2008

Piffman2's Adventure at the Democratic National Convention

Not Wii related but I don't care

Yes, I did get the title fom Storm.

I made a post about this on the forums but I figure I might as well post it here too. As you I was at the Democratic National Convention over the past 10 days (explaining my Hear Mii absence)and wrote about the goings-on there. was kind enough to post all of them and plug Hear Mii. I would have taken video but things were already hectic enough, plus if you've seen the Blast Works or NiGHTS review you know my camera sucks. Besides there are plenty of pictures like the one below. If you are interested in politics you should check them out. Also, no offense to any Republicans enjoy your convention this week:)

a day in denver

adventures in registration

the two parties

reception at cora fayes

protesters and Clintons

midnight parties and MSNBC

Barack Obama's acceptance speech


Stan said...

This leaves me with a question, who are you voting for?

ha, jk piffman! great writing. welcome back!

MistaPeeves said...

Why vote? B.O already won.

Storm said...

I thought I was the only one who had adventures...

TheAssailant6661 said...

Storm has adventures, while I must escape!

I think it's obvious Piff's too young to vote.