Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hear Mii Episode 21

~Download Hear Mii Episode 21 - 1:19:15 ~

Surprise, surprise. The German Game Convention came and went and we get to talk about it. Topics include Dead Rising isn't as good as we thought, Guitar Hero 4 on the Wii will have the most features, and the new segment, "What Games are We Playing Right NOW?" Piffman couldn't join us because he is at a much more important convention.

On the podcast:
Mr Tim,


idofriar1313 said...

lol ass 2 ass

Stan said...

first of all,
Snatch is one of the best movies ever.
"anything to declare?"
"yeah, don't go to england."
(we know that is not true tim. holy crap i gotta watch that film again)

next, i saw that bozon review of ninja bread man. he did copy ya, storm. it showed the different modes or something, but on the whole "it sucks." i think gt has one too.

lastly, the assailant makes a great point about water and robots. awesome.

do i have to say great show as usual?

Joaquin said...

All Hail Obama!