Sunday, August 01, 2010

HearMii Indie Sunday - August 1, 2010

Avatar Ninja is one of those games where you look at the "box" and wonder exactly what it's all about. Then you play it, and it's one of the most awesomest things you've ever allowed yourself to control.

In Avatar Ninja, you control your XBOX 360 Avatar as it runs on water dodging obstacles. You have to keep tapping A in rhythm to keep your health meter up and pressing other buttons in order to grab more "coins", jump over logs, slide under spiked balls and throw shuriken at targets to knock them out of your way. It's one of those "easy to play, hard to master" type games, and because it's so awesome it's being featured here on Indie Sunday.

If you are an indie game developer and would like to be featured on Indie Sunday, drop me an email at I'll try out the game and if I like it I'll buy it and feature it here on Indie Sunday.

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