Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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OK, so I downloaded the Zune software to my computer in a bit of curiosity as my friend told me the software is what made him not want a Zune. I had a little bit of trouble downloading it, but that was nothing major, and probably just my own fault.

Anyway, I started the software and began importing my music. Immediately, the software would traverse the Zune Marketplace and gave me missing album artwork, or used the artwork embedded in the MP3 meta-data. Amazing, because iTunes requires you to have an account for that. Signing up for a Zune account was easy as beans. All I had yo do was input my GamerTag and sign into Live. This is the upside to Windows (and XBOX) Live, just 1 account signs you into everything. It's the stuff of peoples dreams!

It feels nice that I can also customize the graphic in the background of the player. I have the Meridian background with screen graphics at Premium. The best part is that the player has a unified look which makes iTunes and Windows Media Player look like a bunch of 3rd party add-ons.

One more thing: Downloading music and videos from Zune is better than on iTunes, simply because of the fact that if I lose my files, I can redownload all the ones I purchased with Zune so long as I still have my account. Sure, it still has DRM, but it's better that Apple's purchase management that only annoys you every 2 days with an e-mailed reciept about a song you bought 4 days ago.

Overall, Zune > iTunes. I don't care what any of you say. The pink is refreshing compared to iTunes multi-toned GRAY AND BLUE scheme.

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