Sunday, May 30, 2010

TheAssailant6661 Reviews: Dead Space Extraction

In the latest installment of Visceral Games' hit Dead Space series, Dead Space: Extraction has you playing through the events leading up to Isaac Clarke's arrival on the USG Ishimura in the original, but trades in the third person view point for a more cinematic on-rails experience EA refers to as a “guided shooter”.

Dead Space: Extraction has you playing through the eyes of various characters in their struggles from the extraction of the Red Marker on Aegis VII to a slight overlap with the original. All the characters you play seem to be suffering from a form of dementia brought on by the activation of the marker.

Although it is a rail shooter, EA's term does actually fit it well as there are a few parts where you have a choice of what path to take and the ability to look around at given points and pick up items, health and ammo packs, tape recordings, notes, etc. The pointer did seem to be a bit oversensitive and the camera had a nasty habity of whipping around without notice. Visceral put a bit of effort in the controls as the Ripper, for example can be moved forward and backward by moving the Wii Remote closer or farther from the screen.

Visceral even put much effort into one department most Wii developers have been skipping out on up until now: graphics. Saying Dead Space: Extraction is pretty would be an understatement. Extraction easily overshadows around 90% of the Wii library in terms of graphics. Shading is quite excellent and the textures surpass a lot of what I've seen from certain developers.

Extraction not only switches up the rail-shooter genre, but also changes what you've come to expect from a game on the Wii. Its graphics are good, and it fills in a lot of Dead Space's backstory, and even provides a good starting point for people to begin with the franchise in case they missed out on the original or don't have a platform to play it on.


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