Friday, May 28, 2010

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Confirmed, Brutal Legend Says Hello

And just like that, Nintendo Power has officially outed Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. According to Neversoft's Brian Bright, Warriors of Rock will retain "all the cool features" from Guitar Hero 5, including the ability to play with any combination of instruments. This time around, however, the team strove to "hand-pick" the songs, which will focus on "guitar-centric rock 'n' roll" as Bright explained that "so many more people play Guitar Hero on guitar than any other instrument."

Picking up on the rock focus, the game's story and aesthetics revolve around heavy metal. Bright mentioned being inspired by heavy metal album covers "with rivers of chrome and guys on horses with bat wings and stuff." In fact, the game's quest mode is narrated by Gene Simmons (you don't say) and tells the story of the struggle between "the Beast" and "the demigod of rock." Said demigod is defeated, so it's up to players to find the demigod's legendary guitar and amass "an army of warriors to be able to defeat the beast." Boy, that sounds awfully familiar.
I think I'm gonna puke. This game sounds like Brutal Legend meets Booby Kotick's yearning to fill his wallet with more cash. Not to mention the fact that Activision originally wanted Brutal Legend to be a Guitar Hero spinoff, to the angry "NO" of Tim Schafer. Well, looks like another good year to boycott Activision for being greedy pigs.

Source - Joystiq

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