Thursday, January 07, 2010

NBA Jam is coming to Wii(Rumor)

Fresh off the rumors that the new game by EA Sports would coach players on football techniques on the Wii (i.e. NFL Trainer), ESPN’s sources are telling the sports giant that the new EA Sports game will in fact be an updated retail version of NBA Jam.

These unnamed sources told ESPN that the publisher recently acquired the rights from the NBA for the updated release and hired the games creator ,Mark Turmell, to consult. EA Sports is tight lipped at the moment about all this and wouldn’t comment instead just telling us to wait for their big announcement next week.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game due to age or whatever, NBA Jam was one of the first basketball arcade games and one of the first to include NBA teams with real digitized NBA players. In terms of its style,the words “arcade action” are an understatement as the game featured 2-on-2 B-ball madness with no rules other then no goal tending. Players could jump ridiculous heights and if a player made three baskets in a row they would be “on fire” and then the player could goal tend, have unlimited turbo, and increased shooting accuracy.

Oh my god, please let this be true. I have spent countless hours in the arcade when I was little, and reviving this game would make my inner child run around and scream inside me.

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