Thursday, January 07, 2010

Iwata Speaks Out

We are only seven days in the new year, and Nintendo's global president has already announced their big plans for 2010. Well we aren't quite sure if it is true, but at least it is something. On January 6th, 2010 Iwata announced that the next Zelda game for the Wii will be out this year, and DS successor will be announced later this year, and the new DS will have featured higher resolution games, and much more. Of course the immediate response from all Nintendo fanboys was, "OMG ZELDA THIS YEAR!!!" But all I have to say is that I will believe it when I see it, because I am sure we all remember Twilight Princess. As for the new DS, I am excited for it, because I would like to see what Nintendo has up their sleeves now. I guess all of our questions will be answered at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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