Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TheAssailant6661 Reviews: Lux-Pain


Lux-Pain is a visual novel style game from the relatively unknown developer Killaware. Although it was released in early 2009, therefore considered “old”. You cannot expect much gameplay-wise. Lux-Pain isn't much of a game but more of a traditional Japanese “visual novel”. There are some gameplay elements here and there, but overall it's still more of a book to read.

Of course, my main problem with the “game” is the translation quality. At times it's actually quite good, but at times the engrish is a bit unbearable. I guess that's what happens when you do translations in-house and aren't as fluent in English as an American is. There are some parts, especially in the beginning that are voiced over, and for the most part, the voice over is pretty good, even providing a better substitute when you come across poorly translated parts.

Another issue is the unclear setting. At times it's Japan, when at other times it's referred to as America, although once you get some background information, it seems the developer wanted to make the game feel more close to home with Americans, but if that's that case, why not Americanize the entire game and all the characters? Still a mystery to me.

Once I got over the game's problems, I was still able to connect with the feelings of the characters and found the overall story compelling, although I was disappointed at the sudden ending, which left much more to be desired.

It's not an amazing game, not even a great game, but somehow holds a special place in my heart. It's a strange feeling and I, nor others can really define it. It's definitely not a bad game, and I recommend it to anyone who likes story-based games.


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