Monday, June 08, 2009

Swords and Soldiers is Out!

Swords and Soldiers, the accalimed WiiWare game from our friends at Ronimo Games, is now availabe in America in additio to Europe. Also, make sure to check out Hear Mii episode 28, our exclusive interview with the developers.


TheAssailant6661 said...

Enjoy the new banner everyone. As I promised Joost, we're advertising the game, and what better way than at the top of every page?

bob said...

I must say, that banner makes the page look a little more lively and inviting. good show whoever put it there/came up with the idea.

oh, and now I finally get to say this (I've been waiting all my life for this moment...!):

oh, that old game, huh? we Europeans have had it for aaaaages.

how does it feel to be on the recieving end for once, eh? ;P

Piffman2 said...

the banner is nice but we should probably take it down at some point