Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reggie Fires Back On Apple, Kicks Ass, Takes Names

At a special event in San Francisco on Friday Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, Philip W. Schiller, had stern words for handheld gaming competitors Nintendo and Sony. Schiller voiced his opinion that compared to the PSP and DS, the iPhone and iPod Touch are "superior" gaming platforms. Schiller cited price as one of Apple's strongest allies, where $35 and $40 handheld games are simply "too expensive."

Today, Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime fired back at Apple in an interview with the Washington Post, claiming "The DS, with its dual screens, offers an experience that cannot be replicated on a smartphone." In addition to Apple, Reggie also leaned into Sony's new PSP Go, pointing-out that it has a "fundamental concept problem" and is vague in what how it benefits the consumer.

Truly Reggie has kicked some ass, and taken some names.

Apple, quality over quantity. Most of the games on the App Store are either crap, remakes or Duck Hunt Gear Solid. THAT's why there's thousands of them, THAT's why they're so cheap. Also, touch-only games without any real buttons whatsoever is a bad idea. Trust me, I've played Wolfenstein on an iPhone (and on PC before). Moving was damn near impossible to get right with a touch screen only interface.


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Marley said...

I love me some biased. The App store has quite a few good games. Maybe you should do some research on some good quality software in the app store. I do agree it is weird that apple considers the iphone a gaming platform, just because if it is a gaming platform, it is like the N-Gage.