Sunday, June 14, 2009

Condition: Used - Like New! - Heatseeker

When Heatseeker was first released, it received many a mixed opinion from the major
reviewing sites/magazines. As high as an 85 and as low as a 40, it's definitely a niche game. I got this game back when it was new. I played it a lot and really enjoyed it. I remember spending countless hours playing it and getting extremely frustrated when I would die at the easiest setting.
The game takes place in a future that, for whatever reason has decided to use fighter jets of today's age (quick note: They're officially licensed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin). You're a new transfer to Lord Robert's Airbase on Lord Robert's Island when you get bumrushed by random enemies. Throughout the game you face fictional entities but it all boils down to 3 factions: The International Council (US/UN), The Federation (Russia) and Kamcha (Korea). You can easily tell by the accents.

Not a very deep storyline, but when gameplay boils down to “Kill every motherfucker in front of you” and “Protect X defenseless ally”, who needs a storyline?

As for controls, there's a bevy of control schemes, from using the Nunchuk as a flight stick (which is somewhat responsive) to using the pointer to steer the plane (which I was reminded of when I played the H.A.W.X. PC demo). Easy to pick up, hard to master, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Being a fighter-jet fan, this was an easy purchase for me, but for most of you, it won't be, as I said earlier it's a very niche game. As NGamer UK put it:

"Fast as you like, fun to control and a mindless diversion for military
fetishists. Difficult, even on the easiest setting, but if you're up to the
challenge you'll get loads of value from it. [May 2007, p.46]"

Heatseeker can be found on for $18.98 used for Wii (somehow new for $74.96 on Wii), $12.23 for PSP, and $4.50 for PS2 (guess which version of the game was probably ported to Wii).

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