Tuesday, April 07, 2009

ido Does: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity


It's been a long time coming, but my first review is finally here.

I actually finished this in the span of 2 days. My editing software was fucking with me, until Assy helped me fix the problem.

Anyway, the game in question is Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Is it any good? Take a wild guess.....

As for my next review, it'll be either Sonic Unleashed, or the Black Knight. I'm leaning towards Black Knight at the moment.

Please give me constructive criticism and/or undeniably good praise in the comments!!

I urge you guys to watch in HQ, otherwise, you'll get a face full of shit.


stan said...

very good ido. awesome. except for the clips of assie... i kid, i kid!


bob said...

excellent review. the jokes were genuinely funny and the editing was very good. I did feel like you abused clips from the game a little too much, especially in the earlier half of the review.

Piffman2 said...

maybe a little long due to the multitude of clips but still very good. It's always refreshing to hear Sonic fans admit that the games are not very good...if only my gf would do that...