Monday, February 23, 2009

Bobcast Episode 2

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Hiyo! Bob here again with yet another Bobcast. This is probably the stupidest thing ever recorded and the length is pretty ridiculous. We go off topic a lot and I wouldn't suggest listening to this if you want intelligent opinions on... well, anything.

What we talked about:
- Street Fighter 4 is amazing.
- Nonsense
- Goty awards for 2008
- Puns FTW

On this episode of the Bobcast:


bob said...

btw what is written here (besides who's on the podcast which I forgot to say) are my exact words to assy on this.

and my word verification spells "cable."

Stan said...

Oh Bob, did you even edit this down? ahh! A Million Bucks to whomever is able to finish this in one go.

Stan again... said...

whoever? eh

wv: Creeness

TheAssailant6661 said...

Who said I edited it down? All the crazyness was left in tact. That said, I would've done it in one go if I wasn't in a rush and if you guys were more on topic.

bob said...


quote of the year right there.

you know, I had an awesome idea for a photoshop of that image of people walking... if only I could photoshop...

Piffman2 said...

this podcast is both incredibly awesome and completely unlistenable