Sunday, October 19, 2008

Assie's Endless Possibilities 1: MGS Wii

With the recent announcement of Gamecube games being ported to Wii as budget "Plays on Wii" titles, the first thing that came to mind was Metroid Prime, but about 5 seconds later I realized this could mean Metal Gear Solid Wii.

Never having a chance to play most great games as a child during the Gamecube era, neither have I played a Metroid game (other than Hunters on the DS) or have I played a Metal Gear game and as such have no idea how MGS controls on Playstation, PS2, or PS3. But I have a good idea as to how it could control on Wii with my knowledge on top-down games (such as Zelda) and shooters (Gears of War, Crysis, Medal of Honor: Vanguard) and third-person shooters (RE4 Wii Edition).

A Metal Gear title on Wii could very much control just like RE4 Wii Edition, in that you can motion to make a quick swipe with your knife, aim by holding down a button, and move with the control stick.

Moving in the world: A MGS game on Wii could move be using the Control Stick on the Nunchuk attachment, and my holding down Z like in RE4, you can run (or jog because Leon never seems to run fast enough). By holding down the C button, you could take a look around the world much like in Twilight Princess.

Shooting: The shooting aspect could be identical to RE4, except I would much rather hold the A button to aim and the B button to shoot. Depending on which would seem less retarded, you could move the control stick to look around while aiming, or you could have a dead-zone and by aiming to the side of the screen, move the camera to look in another direction.

Use of the Wii remote's speaker: In many games for the Wii there is a time when you recieve calls on the Wii remote as if it were a cellular phone (No More Heroes, Red Steel). Metal Gear Solid games have codec conversations, where Solid Snake talks to Colonel and the others. Essentially, you can press the Minus button to open up the codec menu, or to answer a codec call. When dialing codec numbers, you could use the 1 button to go up, or the 2 button to go down, making it seem more like a cel phone than a device planted in your ear, but whatever, it would still kick ass, that is, if you have enough battery life...

Motion: My favorite possible aspect of a Metal Gear Solid game on Wii would be it's use of motion. I could imagine quicktime events where you have to motion the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in oppoiste directions in order to snap someone's neck, or shaking down violently in order to pistol whip you enemies. Sure, it may be a "Killing Sim", but who cares? It's more immersive than pushing buttons. At least Nintendo's closer than SONY, and their "PS9" commercial.

All in all, this could only be possible if Konami decides to stop dicking around and investing in the Wii market. By taking a look at their offerings with DDR HP and Rock Revolution, they have a long way to go. They can start by giving Wii DDR versions master tracks and better song selections.

Now what the hell am I going to name this series??????


bob said...

short answer:

no. even without the "I haven't played MGS" part you can easily tell that you have never played an MGS game. also, what does your "knowledge of top-down games and shooters (some of those game are just wrong)" have to do with anything? this entire post comes down to you speculating over how YOU want MGS on the wii when there are very few other people that want the same thing. the game belongs on current gen platforms, not on last gen platforms with next gen controls.

bob said...

oh wait, I just realized that I forgot to put in "long answer:" after the "no.". oh, gosh now I look like an idiot again hahaha...

Piffman2 said...

I would still like to see the original metal gear games remade for wiiwarewith better graphics and more story connection to the Solid series

Stan said...

holy crap, that would be awesome piffman.

i like the phone idea. disaster does it, red steel used it, NMH abused it, and i'd expect metal gear to blow it up or something. to actually make the codec calls would be fun.

wii've had a killing sim before, why not another with baditude?

bob said...

I like piff's idea, but in that case make it 1. a wiiware title with some improved graphics and/or controls (preferably just holding the wiimote sideways though) 2. just release the original games on vc or 3. if you just HAVE to do it go with suggestion 1. and sell it as a normal game. Q_Q

I dislike the com idea. a lot. it's been done and snake doesn't use a phone like they do in disaster or nmh, he uses a... whaddaya call them... very small thing you have in your ear (I think it could be a chip in his head, though) making it simply weird. not to mention it's been done so many times.

oh and stan, you forgot to mention wank and sticky in that list. best game evar. ;P