Monday, October 20, 2008

Piffman2 Goes Indie

I celebrate independent gaming with two wiiware games, Orbient and World of Goo

This might be my favorite video I've created


idofriar1313 said...


This is the best vid you created. also its probably the best non storm vud to be on el site.

Good job Piffman have been doing lots of wiiware games lately. some may say it's your forte.......

Stan said...


yup yup. ido is right on this one. great job dude. love the snazzy voice too,

bob said...

it's official; your reviews are on par with storm's in amount of amusement. while his stuff packs more quality your reviews are much shorter which can be good for reviews. although no fan reviewer beats the avgn. :]

6 thumbs up out of 5. now to give the thumbs back to the norwegian prostitutes in my trunk...