Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hear Mii Episode 24

~ Download Hear Mii Episode 24 - 47:06 ~

Storm has decided to become an evil organization, spreading disasters to the entire globe (like this one) and has left us high and dry with the shortest episode of Hear Mii ever (and I cut out 10 minutes of dead air).

On the podcast this week:
Mr. Tim &


Joaquin said...

Hopefully the end of episode 25 won't be cut off

Joaquin said...

Sorry, that was Piffman2 (and this one is too) I'm accidently logged in as Joaquin

Anonymous said...

Cut Offs are the new fad! we already have a pair, why not another?

fun show. tangents that are small and go nowhere. once again assie has been defeated by the short podcast.