Monday, August 18, 2008

The Hear Mii Brawl Tournament Highlights

(Not actually the biggest tournament ever)

Here are all of the replays from our online Smash Bros. tournament. Congratulations to Eskimo-Bob and thanks to everyone who competed

Round 1

Piffman2 vs. Lande24
part 1

TheAssailant6661 vs. Lyf-Highwind
part 1

Eskimo-Bob vs. Davidbis
part 1
Round 2
Piffman2 vs. TheAssailant6661
Eskimo-Bob vs. Super Yoshi
Piffman2 vs. Eskimo-Bob

Stay tuned for our next tournament this winter

1 comment:

super yoshi said...

Just don't see mine. I suck bad and get shut out 2 times. Just don't see the embarassment that I show.