Saturday, May 05, 2012

Minecraft Test Recording

I decided to make a quick test recording of Minecraft using my new graphics card. The results came out pretty nice, a fixed 30FPS while recording, though it will pretty much have to be at a low resolution, since FRAPS has a tendency to eat frames up like crazy and Minecraft isn't the most GPU-friendly game and combined they form a new allegiance in frame-drops this world has probably already experienced if they've tried recording Minecraft in the past. A video this smooth could've never been possible in the past with my old card.... and thus the long wait.

I'm also going to blame my CPU, considering that I got GTA IV to look astoundingly beautiful and my CPU just sits there and chokes on all the textures having to load, etc., keeping my framerate at the same 13 frames I had with the old card on lowest settings. Yeah.

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