Sunday, July 18, 2010

HearMii Indie Sunday - July 18, 2010

For the first HearMii Indie Sunday, I thought it would be nice to direct everyone's attention at Solar. When I was first browsing the XBOX LIVE Indie Games Marketplace, I was quite intrigued at the premise. It reminded me a lot of Art Style: Orbient, but I was more intrigued as Solar has a freeplay mode. I downloaded the trial and liked it so much I simply HAD to buy the full game. And when I was thinking of games for Indie Sunday, Solar simply had to be the first one.

I especially love how there is a sense of endless possibilities. If I absorb enough planets I could turn into a black hole and suck up the entire universe, or I could become a Red Giant and clash with another Red Giant and cause a Supernova, or I could be a Red Giant and collide with a Blue Dwarf and turn purple, etc. It's especially good at the price it's sold at. It's just $1. That's right, just a dollar.

I salute you, Murudai. I hope all your future XBLI games are just as great as Solar.

If you are an indie game developer and would like to be featured on Indie Sunday, drop me an email at I'll try out the game and if I like it I'll buy it and feature it here on Indie Sunday.

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