Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Do I Think?: Nintendo 3DS

When 3D first started making its push with the Worldwide release and acceptance of Avatar; I was one of those few souls that just swept 3D under the rug and called it a fad. So I find it very ironic of myself doing a review/impressions of Nintendo’s new portable system, the 3DS. Mainly, because I actually like the Nintendo 3DS.

One of the main reasons why I have learned to appreciate the 3DS, is that it has a feature that I wish most 3D movies had; the 3D slider that adjusts the 3D or turns it completely off. Most of my time has been spent with the 3D turned completely off, with the exception of Super Mario 3D Land. I really find it a much more pleasant experience just sitting down and playing a game, rather than playing a game and trying to find the sweet spot in order for the 3D to work. It is rather impossible to play a game with the 3D slider on, and not lose the effect while you’re playing it. It is rather underwhelming when it happens, but not as underwhelming as a Virtual Boy purchase. I am happy to say that you will not go blind from the 3DS.

Secondly, I like the 3DS for each interface and interesting online features. Nintendo has brought the much likeable Wii interface over to the 3DS, but improved on it in many ways. Like the inclusion of multitasking(sort of), and menu icons that appear in 3D on the top screen when you cycle through your applications.

Also the biggest feature they added, and in my personal opinion it gave Nintendo’s online a kick in the right direction, and that is the inclusion of Notifications and Spot Pass. Notifications is actually what it sounds like if you are aware of iOS5, Android, or Windows Phone 7, but if you are living under a rock Notifications will notify you when the applications receive new content. This is a feature that I wish the Wii had, because if the Wii shop channel had a feature like this, then we wouldn’t be hearing about Wiiware developers complaining that no one buys their games. I would not be surprised if I see this feature on the Wii U.

The feature that I haven’t used all that much of however, mainly because of where I live, is the Spot Pass feature. This is quite an interesting concept that many developers are really taking advantage of. The feeling of receiving stuff in a game when you are not playing the game is just quite fascinating, and it makes me want to actually try this when I am in a crowded area of people all using their 3DS systems. This is a feature however I see skyrocketing in Japan, because everyone there rides the public transportation in Japan. 

Overall I really do like the Nintendo 3DS, and I see the potential of this system. Now that the 3DS has stumbled out of the shaky launch window with barely any games. We are beginning to see some great titles like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Super Mario 3D Land, Ocarina of Time 3D, and Resident Evil: Revelations. Can the 3DS keep this lead over the Playstation Vita, or more important Apple? We will see.

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