Sunday, June 13, 2010

Marley's E3 2010 Predictions

It is that time of year again; it's time for E3. E3 has become one of the biggest gaming conventions ever, and when it comes to town everyone is talking about it. One thing that many bloggers and many video game journalists like to do is predict what is going to happen at E3. Well being a blogger that is exactly what I am going to do. I will start off first with Microsoft.

Microsoft has some pretty big shoes to fill at their press conference, because last year they ordered a pair of shoes named Project Natal, and they weren't sure if they would fit next year, but they were 99.9% positive that they will fit. I am trying to say that Microsoft really needs to sell Project Natal throughout their whole press conference, because there are plenty of skeptical people out there that don't want to invest into Natal, like me. I am only interested in Natal when it comes to navigating the Xbox 360 dashboard, and I don't really want to spend 150 dollars for just a really cool TV remote. I can also see Microsoft dropping the price of the Xbox 360 one more time, because the Xbox 360 has been dropping in sales dramatically. Also to entice more people to invest in the Xbox 360 I really think Microsoft is going to announce a slimmer Xbox 360. The slim xbox 360 will come with a 250 gigabyte hard drive, and it will be shipped with a HDMI cable. Anyways I think that Microsoft really has to sell Project Natal for most of their press conference if they want Natal to be successful.

Sony on the other hand doesn't really need to sell their motion controller, because people already know what to expect because they have been using one for about 4 years now. Sony has to sell this other gimmick that I absolutely hate, and will never like, and that is 3D. Sony really has to go out on this one, and tell people why they should upgrade to a 3D Television so they can play their games. It is going to a hard hill to climb for Sony, and I think they will make it half-way, and not finish the job. People are not going to want to invest into a new television with 3D capabilities, especially in this economy. While Sony is trying to figure out how to get people foaming at the mouth for 3D; I think that Sony will also announce a PSP 2, since PSP GO was such a great success(sarcasm intended). If Sony wants the PSP to succeed they really need to find a good reliable carrier, and add 3G to the PSP. Whether you like it or not, Digital distribution is where it is going, and people want to have access to games anywhere they go, and a wifi signal would not always be around. So 3G is a must for a PSP 2. Anyways Sony is going to have a big hill to climb at their press conference, like they always do, but I think their press conference will be mild a success.

Finally, since this is a Nintendo website lets talk about Nintendo. Nintendo has a lot of ground to make up with their fans. The last couple of press conferences have really been quite lack luster when it comes to announcing new games, but that if you think about it Nintendo has a new audience, and they need to cater to that audience by announcing those types of games. For example, a Wii Fit 2 using the Wii Vitality Sensor, or Wii Party. Nintendo needs to make their new audience happy, and they will succeed in doing that. However, they still need to pay attention to the audience that grew up playing their games, and they will succeed at that. I believe that Nintendo will show off a demo of the new Zelda game using Wii Motion Plus, and it will be playable on the show floor. I also have a feeling that Mario Kart Wii 2 will be announced at their press conference, because if you look at the NPD numbers all of Nintendo's top selling games have received a sequel. For example Wii Fit, and Super Mario Galaxy. Mario Kart is the only one that hasn't received a sequel. The biggest thing that will probably flood their press conference is going to be the 3DS, and it has to be. Nintendo has to sell people on 3D, much like with Sony. Nintendo will have a easier time with selling people on 3D, because supposedly the 3DS will be 3D glasses-free. But that doesn't mean that they put it on the back burner, and forget about it. They have to announce plenty of games, and have it playable on the show floor. Anyways Nintendo is going to be quite busy at their press conference talking about the vitality sensor, the 3DS, and Zelda, but I think that Nintendo's Press Conference will be very successful this year, and they might actually steal the show at E3 this year.

Overall I think E3 2010 will probably be one of the better E3's, even more better than E3 2004 or E3 2006. Follow Hear Mii, TheAssailant and I on twitter for up to the minute news about E3. We will also be doing podcasts all week long giving our reaction to all of the press conferences. So keep yourself glued to Hear Mii, and we will make sure you enjoy E3 2010.

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