Saturday, September 26, 2009

Suda 51 Talks about his Future on the Wii

In a recent IGN interview, Mark Bozon sat down with the No More Heroes creator Suda 51. The main question asked in the interview, was whether the No More Heroes franchise will stay on a Nintendo platform. Suda replied,

"I still think that No More Heroes and Wii is a good match, and that for the game we need motion controls, and that's why it works so well on Wii. Even if Travis's story is finished with number two, and we decide to make another No More Heores game within the No More Heroes world or setting I still think that it should be on a Nintendo platform, and more specifically the Wii 2 later down the line. I'm assuming that for the next Wii Nintendo will do more impressive motion controls, and that's what No More Heroes is all about. Right now though we're working on making No More Heroes 2 as strong as can be, so I'm not really thinking about a third game currently."

Nintendo fans should be overjoyed after that statement. I for one can't wait for the sequel of No More Heroes, and any other game in that series. I am a little confused about what Suda said how he wants to create a Wii 2 game, because Nintendo's motion controls will improve. It makes me wonder why he scratched Wii Motion Plus from the second game. I can't wait to see what Suda 51 does with the world of No More Heroes. I feel that it has so much potential.


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