Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hear Mii Now Hiring

In the recent weeks we have hit a point in which we need more help to keep this site going. We're looking for a variety of writers to write for Hear Mii. The following voluntary positions are now opened:

Written Reviewer: 2
Video Reviewer: 2
News Editor for Hear Mii News: 1

If you're interested in a volunteer postition, contact TheAssailant6661 (me) at We ask that you submit the following:

-Sample writings/videos (2 min)
-Online Handle (like TheAssailant6661) (Please be creative)
-Age, Gender(optional), Location (We don't discriminate, we're just curious, also we need to know your Time Zone, so I ask for location)
-Other 7th Generation Consoles Owned

Once we've reviewed your information, we'll let you know by email if you're on the team or not.

Currently all positions are volutary, but in the future we hope to start paying the content providers (remember kids, it's Quality over Quantity).

We hope the best of luck to all applicants!


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