Sunday, January 18, 2009

Assie's Endless Possibilities 2: Pure White Giant Glastonbury

We all know that No More Heroes has a couple minigames, from playing with your cat Jeane, to the full on top-down shooter known as Pure White Giant Glastonbury, which is the awesomest minigame ever invented. Imagine how cool it would be if there was an entire full WiiWare game based on Pure White Giant Glastonbury.

It could feature a story mode for the lone wolf in all of us, and maybe some aded features we only wish could've been in No More Heroes' version. There could be a co-op mode (for both online and off), Online Leaderboards, Time Trials and Speed Runs. Additionally, you could have the chance to pick from an assortment of characters.

It might seem odd if they stray from the 2D sprites, but top-down 2.5D (3D characters on a 2D plane) would be pretty awesome. For added kicks they can add in higher difficulties and modes where you only have 1 life.

Maybe it doesn't even need to be on WiiWare. Maybe they can have it on a dual-layered disc (sure, it may not work on some Wiis, but nuts to them I tell ya!) and have unlockable Anime based on the fake series Pure White Giant Tiny Glastonbury that Travis is such an otaku for.
I would say the controls are as good as they are right now, although maybe nunchuk/classic controller support couldn't hurt. I keep getting annoyed when I play it in NMH and have to keep unplugging the Nunchuk.

Who knows, they might just put it in No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. If anyone can get in contact with Goichi Suda, or Grasshopper Manufacture/Marvelous Interactive Inc., make sure they know how much of an awesome idea this would be! I know it's already on cell phones, but that's on DoCoMo phones in Japan, and I'm pretty sure it's a bit limited.

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