Monday, May 16, 2011

The Stream Has Gone Mainstream Already

Its no secret to the hardcore fan-base that Nintendo has a new system coming soon and to be shown at this years E3. Ever since its leak tons of news on Nintendo newest successor "Codename Project Cafe" has been flooding the Internets like crazy. Late last night as I was browsing the web I came upon something very interesting, in noticing that the name Wii 2 was featured as number 2 on's now trending. It seems that the Nintendo Stream has gone mainstream now, as your mom and grandparents may now want to hear more news in regards to Nintendo next big thing. On an even bigger note as I was checking my Facebook I also noticed an update from sears and other stores announcing the system as being official to the mainstream. Already there page has been blown up with tons of comments on the matter as its very pleasing to see the commentator's are all what we call the casual wii market as they seem very interested. From the information I have gathered from the post of "Casual Gamers" on the Sears Facebook; these are the things they had to say when hearing the news of Nintendo new system. DVD,Upscalling,Bluray,Hdmi out,Digital audio,720p,Something cooler than "kinect",Backward compatibility,VC transfer,Cheap not 400 dollars, Most of them left wii behind and moved on to kinect,Lots of software and cheap software, More gimmicky but mature games that doesn't suck,No controller,Hard drive,More games to play with friends both online and offline.Does these seem like a sign that we may see many casuals take the next generation step and continue following Nintendo with a more core system?

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