Sunday, November 14, 2010

Golden Eye Review

When it comes to first person shooters on the wii, they can be pretty big headache. Sure there are plenty of gems in the Wii library, but until now Golden Eye blows all the attempts of making a Wii first person shooter out of the water.

Golden Eye is a weird game, because it has so much nostalgia behind it but most of that nostalgia is not even about the game; it is about the times you shared with your friends in the intense and creative multi-player back then. So how does a company like Eurocom and Activision create Golden Eye without upsetting all the fans of the previous games. Well the number one thing you have to do is dump a lot of money into the project, and Activision did invest a lot into this game, but that is besides the point. What Eurocom(developers of Dead Space: Extraction) decided to do was to bring Golden Eye into the modern by updating the controls, and making the story much more convincing, because if you ever went back to play Golden Eye 64 today, the controls don't hold up at all; who wants to aim with the C-buttons, anyone, anyone...No I didn't think so. Eurocom not only updated the controls to dual analog, they also planted Daniel Craig into the plot to modernize the story, because honestly we all know that Daniel Craig is a way better Bond than Pierce Brosnan(Please send your hate mail to So the story is exactly the same as the original Golden Eye with a modernize twist.

Now lets talk a little bit about the controls in Golden Eye. Golden Eye has a billion ways(exaggerated) to play it, but in my opinion there is only one way to play it, the classic controller pro. Dual analog control feels so good, and it is so precise. The wii remote and Nunchuck works, but the controls are way to sensitive for me, and sniping does not work at all with the wii remote and nunchuck. So I feel that the best way to play is with the Classic Controller Pro, because the sensitivity is perfect and it just works. Also if you don't have a Classic Controller Pro, the game also accepts the regular classic controller, and the Gamecube controller.

I can't really say much about the graphics, I mean come on it is a Wii; graphics aren't really what the system is all about, it is all about how you control the game. The graphics do look pretty good for a wii game, and in some later levels there are some cool rain and snow effects.

Overall I really had a fun time with Golden Eye, and I highly recommend that you pick it up. It is a great re-imagining of the classic Golden Eye 64.

*Also if you were expecting me to review the multi-player I am not going to because I really don't care about the online aspect of this game.

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