Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RUMOR: Zelda Wii Details Leaked to the Internets

    • The game will be very different from the dungeon field dungeon method we are accustomed too (nothing new, Eiji Aonuma confirmed that last year).
    • You will be able to select right or left handed at the start, and Link will be left or right handed based on your selection
    • The gameplay and basic mechanics are complete.
    • They are currently polishing up the story and Characters.
    • One of the characters they are working on is a innkeeper in Link's home village who has a son that looks up to Link.
    • The girl in the art is not the Master Sword, and it appears the Master Sword will not be in the game.
    • The girls name from the painting could possibly be Adelle, Adella, or Aderu.
    • She is not with you throughout the game like Ezlo and Midna.
    • The face in the painting of her is not her real face. It's not fully elaborated on much, but it does say that it was a place holder concept art piece.(assuming the entire art itself was just concept work)
    • Link's sword is highly unique in this game, and will have several unlockable abilities. Adelle (or whatever her final name becomes) communicates with you through this sword.
    • There will be horseback combat. Epona will avoid obstacles automatically.
    • The models for 3 significant characters in the game have been touched up, but no they are not Zelda or Ganondorf. (Google translate gives rough names of Link, Gorons, and Epona, but our translator said it's not specifically mentioned)
    • The idea of this version of Link also being The Hero of Time has been highly considered, and may already be implemented.
    • Time travel plays a roll in the game.
    • The game takes place in more then just Hyrule, and may possibly not be Hyrule at all.
According to the source, the above was leaked onto the Japanese internet forum 2ch.

Some of it seems interesting, such as the part about choosing left or right (I assume because this will appeal to lefties for motion controls, or "Zelda purists", those self-entitled a-holes who need to stfu about what THEY want Nintendo to do) and anything else I made bold.


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