Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guitar Hero Devs Want MotionPlus

Bright also said he was excited about Project Natal and other motion-control-related E3 announcements. "We've done prototype motion controls with guitars in the past, with just the accelerometer," he said. "But you just don't get the refined data that you'd get when start throwing in things like they showed at E3. Just the single accelerometer — trying to put the guitar behind your head, the game just doesn't know. Would we be interested [in Natal]? Absolutely. I'm not saying that's what we're doing. But it's cool, it's exciting stuff. Even Wii MotionPlus... there's definitely avenues to be explored there."

The question here is why do they need Natal and MotionPlus for Guitar Hero? At this point the games are as realistic as they need to be without making us buy real instruments to play. I guess it's one of those things you need to work at Activision to understand.


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