Wednesday, February 18, 2009

idofriar1313 says hi

Holy crap.. So I'm finally here. Took a great deal of contributing, bitching, moaning, whining and whoring, but I'm finally here.

Me, a longtime lurker/HearMii veteran/pedophile, have a place I can call home.

You know...It's kind of empty in here.....



Hmm, i hope I'm not the only one.

What can I contribute? Sweet nothings in my head in the form of editorials, video reviews and a longtime coming machinima series starring key members of HearMii. (If those goddamn Pinnacle studio mofos feel like e-mailing me back)

So, I just dropped by to say hi, and I'm looking forward to spending a long, long, long, long time here. Seriously, I'm not leaving...


bob said...

idofriar? in MY generic blog?

what an achievement, son. who'd you sleep with to get this spot?

TheAssailant6661 said...

Use the Storm solution: pay $800 for Premier Pro.