Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hear Mii Episode 33

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Change came to Hear Mii, but it seems as if it may be in need of an economic stimulus plan to get it active again. Storm goes from extra tired to "Over-9000" tired, Piffman enjoys stinging people in their balls and Assie abruptly leaves thanks to the many lies of the world. Also, masturbation jokes are old, but SNL keeps them coming.

On this week's podcast:
Storm Dain,
Piffman2, &

And now a word from SNL:


Arceus144 said...

facepalm...boxart is not podcast worthy news :(

PHEDIA said...

Hey no problem for linking your site, on Justin.tv. Great podcast by the way.

bob said...

assy, you turd. Piffman showed that video in his review. don't repost it to try and get glory for it. posting the same joke 2 times in one post (durr hurr SNL masturbation sketch) is not funny and you're killing what's already dead. also, stop abusing the words "over 9000." it's not funny.