Friday, January 23, 2009

Wii Remote Holder

Our old friend Joaquin recently recieved a Wii Remote Holder basket-type thing from Club Nintendo for 300 coins, and tells us what it looks like, how big it is, and what it can hold:


- Two Wii-Motes WITH Jackets
- Four Wii-Motes WITHOUT Jackets
- Two Wii-Motes & Two Nunchuks "

Thanks Joaquin for the fan submission!


stan said...

you can also use it to store old broken nunchucks that your dog just ate last night. uhh...

thanks Wa-Keen!

Joaquin said...

MmMmMm, nunchuck fairy (navi)dust..

idofriar1313 said...

*sigh* you coudn't wait huh? You didn't save your coins....You had tos spend them on something eh? Well i to have enough coins to buy this (gold member btw) and yet, i have reisted, i pty you... (nice 8 bit Mario Galaxy btw)

Joaquin said...

I was tempted, and I ordered. Plus, it was only 300 coins from Nintendo products that I registered on "MyNintendo" ages ago.

Here are good pics of it (damn utube compressed videos).

These HQ pictures were taken by members of NeoGAF.


For a Club Nintendo exclusive... Fuck it, why not!? :D