Sunday, November 02, 2008

Storm's Adventure with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

"Is this a Nintendo fan site?"


"Then why am I looking at half of review for a PlayStation 3 game?"

"Oh come on fellas, I just trying to show you that the Wii version is better."

I came to the conclusion at Comic Con that SWTFU Wii was the one to get. But then the game came out and I actually had to play both and make an informed decision. And I would still be correct if it wasn't for the fact that neither are worth owning. Rent the game and you'll see what I mean.


TheAssailant6661 said...

I love Wikipedia. The Secret Apprentice's code name is Starkiller, which, if you've ever seen the 3+ hour Star Wars documentary, was the original last name before being changed to Skywalker. His real name is Galen Marek. Star Wars nerds FTW!

Piffman2 said...

wiimotion plus can not get here soon enough...