Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hear Mii Tournament Round 1


The first Official Hear Mii Online SSB Brawl tournament is about to begin!

The current schedule is as follows:

TheAssailant6661 vs. Lyf-Highwind (A)
Match 1: July 21 8:00 PM EDT
Match 2: July 23 7:30 PM EDT
Match 3: July 25 8:30 PM EDT

eskimo-bob vs. DavidBis (B)
Match 1: July 21 3:00 PM EDT (1-0)
Match 2: July 23 2:30 PM EDT
Match 3: July 25 3:30 PM EDT

Piffman2 vs. lande24 (C)
Match 1: July 22 1:00 PM EDT (2-1)
Match 2: July 24 12:30 PM EDT
Match 3: July 28 1:30 PM EDT

lightdragon vs. super yoshi (D)
Match 1: July 22 5:00 PM EDT
Match 2: July 24 3:30 PM EDT
Match 3: July 28 4:30 PM EDT

The above list is also available in the following formats(All times are in EDT, Israel adds 7 hours, Sweden adds 6 hours, Central subtracts 1, Mountain subtracts 2):

The rules for the Tournament are as follows:
Each match consists of 3 battles, each at 3 stock, with a time limit of 5 minutes.

No items are allowed.

You can only use the characters you signed up with. You can still change them now, but once the tournament starts, you can no longer change characters.

If you feel you cannot play at the given times, you may request rescheduling which is only accepted up until the day before your match. If you do not show, the match will automatically go to your opponent, regardless.

Also, I shall be refereeing all matches to ensure everyone's playing correctly. I'll setup the matches, and all you have to do is add me to the friends list and join the game I setup.

I hope that I will see you all next week when the tournament starts. You can contact me at my Youtube, or a PM in the forums.

Your tournament host,

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